In my first two articles on adopting a Relationship Capital practice, we covered  how to “Take the Time to Get to Know Those You Serve” and understanding what it means to be “The Voice of Reason”.  Now in Stage 3 of the Relationship Capital Continuum we will look at the qualities and behaviors that a trusted adviser should represent.

Trust is the predictability of what we say and do over an extended period of time.

Part of serving in the capacity as the trusted adviser is about making the time when often, little is available and delivering even in the face of adversity.  Your consistent delivery on what is best for the overall organization will earn you the appreciation and respect of your insights and advice and transform you into a an important contributor to the success of the enterprise.  Learn more on qualities and examples of what it takes to become a trusted advisor in my 3rd article, in the series of five, published in the May 2017 Smart Business Cleveland publication.