Recently, I had the distinct privilege of being part of the TEDxAkron event.  I was blown away by the amazing presenters who conveyed their OWN personal stories of higher purpose. All of the 13 presentations were captivating and addressed overcoming adversity – whether through a loss of a loved one or redefining one’s purpose.

My talk was on Relationship Capital – The True Currency of Abundance.  I wanted to share my talk with you in hopes that it will offer a helpful perspective to contemplate and provide just the spark you need to adopt a new mindset.  There is a higher way to give and live a life full of meaning and happiness.  Join The Movement.

From Success to Significance

“What will matter is not what you got.  But what you gave.  Not your success but your significance.  Not your competency but your character.”

I sincerely hope this serves as a catalyst to ignite your inner-self to consider adopting more of an abundance mindset.