A growing number of privately-held businesses contemplate the deployment of an outside advisory board but are not sure what the true recipe for success includes.  Boards can be a powerful value creation catalyst.  There are 3 things I always share with business owners who are creating a board;

  1. Be crystal clear on what you need the board to accomplish.
  2. Know the type of expertise needed given the life-cycle of the business.
  3. And timing is everything.  Does the company possess the requisite organizational readiness capacity to execute?

There is a specific rigor that goes into creating a board and getting it up and running.  If your business is contemplating creating an advisory board – consider a third-party facilitator to guide you through this journey.

To learn more about how to select wisely and execute with precision, please take a moment to view my article published in the September, 2016 issue of Smart Business Network. I hope you find the content relevant and valuable.


[Smart Business Cleveland | September 2016 | Advisory Boards page 22]